Alt fuels - biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas and propane Southeast Alternative Fuels Task Force

Brought together via the governors' of the four states of North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina signing of the Southern Air Principles in December 2001, the members decided that working together, they could do more than working alone to advance alternative fuels to help improve air quality and work toward cleaner energy production. Although the Principles were not resigned when three new governors were elected during elections in 2003, the members didn't think twice about continuing the effort.

Through multiple discussions surrounding the expansion of alternative fuels and hybrids in those states, and a workshop that was held in November 2002 in Asheville entitle "Building Alternative Fuel Networks in the Southeast," a new effort was forged--the Southeast Alt Fuels Task Force (SEAFTF).

Made up primarily of Clean Cities coalitions, state energy and environmental officers and other alternative fuels-related organizations, the group recognized the need to work on growing the use of the transportation-based fuels and technologies at a level above our current individual, intra-state actions.

Why do we do this? So that we can simultaneously
  • improve regional air quality,
  • reduce the United States' foreign oil dependence, and
  • push renewable fuels into the mainstream.

Here are some of our guiding documents:

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